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Luxury Living Room Desks

It’s important to have a functional but well-appointed desk for working from home. But not everyone has an extra room for a home office. Fortunately, Bernhardt offers a collection of luxury desks elegant and beautiful enough for the living room or great room. Meticulously crafted from an assortment of the finest materials and designed in an array of styles for different tastes, our luxurious desks are a welcome addition to any living room, either as an understated accent or a statement piece that will truly stand out. The range of styles available in our luxury desk collection is inspiring, from the delicate and feminine, to the minimalist, to more traditional styles that evoke Old-World charm. We take function and convenience as seriously as we do design and construction. Many of our luxury office desks come equipped with a two-plug receptacle with USB ports discreetly located under the top. Corner desks offer more desktop space while fitting nicely into a corner, and desks in our home office line have drawers with a drop-front for additional writing space.