Sculptural Nature

Natural Textures in Sculptural Form


Natural textures combine the tactile and visual experience in sophisticated silhouettes and unexpected materials. Delicate floral patterns are sculpted in three-dimensional forms, wood grain is cast in smooth acrylic and the rhythmic patterns of animal skins are captured in gleaming metals. 

“The use of natural texture adds movement and depth to materials that capture the light,” says Heather Eidenmiller, Director of Brand Development. “Organic forms take on a sculptural quality, creating dynamic surfaces that harness the energy of nature. Fragile ginkgo leaves are cast in aluminum, curvaceous floral petals shape the doors of a white plaster credenza, impressions of crocodile and snakeskin add luxurious dimension to sleek, modern profiles. These pieces combine the innate beauty of natural textures with sophisticated design for looks that define a room.” 

Featured Pieces

Vignette 1 ~

Miles Swivel Chair N6713S
The sleek curves of a barrel form embossed with the rich texture of crocodile on German Silver. 

Vignette 2 ~

Felicity Metal Chair 301-547 
The delicate texture of ginkgo leaves cast in shining aluminum. 

Alexis Rectangular Dining Table 301-240/241 
A natural marble tabletop shaped into a sleek 

Vignette 3 ~

Penrose Credenza 301-870
Curvaceous floral petals scultped in dramatic white plaster across four credenza doors. 

Product Silos ~ 

Flora Credenza 301-872 
The soft beauty of layered ginkgo leaves carved in German Silver. 

Skylar Door Chest 301-118 
Depth and dimension highlight a rhythmic textural pattern reminiscent of a wheat field. 

Parkhurst Credenza 301-865 
The organic complexity of wood grain finds a minimalist modern form in cast acrylic and silver leaf. 

Naples Chair O5112 
Part of the newly launched Bernhardt Exteriors, the barrel shape of the Naples chair is framed in natural branches cast in aluminum. 

Finley Nightstand 301-215 
Crocodile adds luxe texture and sophisticated style to a neo-traditional nightstand. 


Styles introduced today will be available to consumers Spring 2020.