Soho Luxe

Glamorous in style but eclectic in spirit, Soho Luxe possesses a sophisticated elegance that is tempered by influences from around the globe, such as Greek key elements and Asian motifs. The collection is packed with liveliness and brightness from its swirling ash veneers to polished brass and stainless steel to clear acrylic. Soho Luxe embodies classic refinement with a dash of contemporary style.

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Soho Luxe is a glamorous transitional collection, one that balances a sense of sophisticated elegance with a slightly eclectic vibe. There is also a liveliness and brightness in forms and materials clearly evident throughout the collection.
Clean forms add to the collection’s urban appeal, while Greek key elements, Asian details and fretwork patterns infuse a more eclectic, global feel. While some pieces feel “found,” others feel like polished classics.
Polished stainless steel, brass, clear acrylic and mirror combine to create eye-catching accents for this luxurious collection. The use of multiple materials provides visual appeal, and brings brightness to pieces.
Nickel-plated solid brass hardware comes in bright silver and brass finishes. Clear acrylic is also mixed in for interest. These materials and unique shapes give the collection’s hardware a jewelry-like feel.
Wood & Finish
The twisting and turning grains found in ash burl veneers are normally utilized in more traditional collections, but they are used here in Soho Luxe with a rich, Dark Carmel finish and make a more contemporary impression. These veneers pair perfectly with the polished brass and stainless steel accents in the collection.

Dark Caramel

Polished Stainless Steel

Polished Brass

The fabrics in this group are much like the collection overall - an eclectic mix. There are a number of refined neutral covers. Then there are some nubby textural options and finally a striking diamond weave in wheat and orange.