Clean lines. Casual finishes. Primal forms. This rustic modern collection delivers a sophisticated sense of style for today’s homes. Wire brushed oak veneers with Cerused Greige and Cerused Charcoal finishes partner elegantly with cast aluminum in a Textured Graphite finish on metal and hardware, as well as Black Forest marble accents. With its flawless artistry and understated elegance, Linea sets a new standard for rustic modern collections.

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Imagine the decor of a modern boutique hotel, and that will provide a glimpse into Linea’s rustic modern aesthetic. There is contrast and drama between the unique finishes and materials, which makes it a truly eye-catching collection.
With its bow fronts, geometric shapes, and asymmetrical forms, Linea presents a mix of transitional forms. Additional elements include a unique wood-and-metal design, wraparound metal bands on case pieces, and a unique wood patterned marble.
One-of-a-kind metal and marble lead the way for accents. Cast aluminum comes in a Textured Graphite finish obtained through a multi-step process, while Black Forest marble is featured in a striated black, gray, and white wood grain pattern.
Cast aluminum hardware features the complex Textured Graphite finish found on the collection’s metal accents. Faceted knobs, irregular ring pulls and bar pulls deliver a jewelry-like feel to the collection’s case pieces.
Wood & Finish
Oak veneers have been wire-brushed and cerused, adding subtle textures while leaving a white hang-up in the grain. Veneers are smoother than sandblasted woods, thus more refined, and finished in Cerused Greige and Cerused Charcoal. The striking striations of the Black Forest marble, along with the Textured Graphite found on metal, add additional layers of subtle sophistication.

Cerused Charcoal

Cerused Griege

Black Forest Marble

Textured Graphite Metal

Part of Linea’s appeal is how the neutral finishes and fabrics work together effortlessly. The beige and grey fabric tones complement the Cerused Greige and Cerused Charcoal wood finishes, as well as the Textured Graphite used on metal hardware and accents, and the black, gray, and white striations of Black Forest marble.