Steeped in English tradition, but tempered with modern touches, Clarendon is a neo-traditional collection that offers sophisticated style and casual appeal. White oak veneers are wire brushed and given a powder glaze underneath the Arabica finish creating a cerused effect that complements the Burnished Brass metal and Vienna Walnut top-stitched bonded leather. The ultimate look is as fashionable as it is comfortable.

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A traditional collection with a modern slant, Clarendon's refined forms merge seamlessly with its more casual finishes. While its English roots are obvious, contemporary elements such as metal and leather topstitching provide sophisticated style.
Clean, refined designs are mixed in with heavier scaled pieces for consumers who want more volume and weight. Unique artistic touches include wraparound parting rails, wide-spaced reeding, and stacked-box case pieces.
A Burnished Brass metal begins as stainless steel, then is brass-plated, then nickel-plated and finally given an acid bath before being buffed and polished. The brass tones pair well with the collection's use of antiqued mirror and Vienna Walnut bonded leather.
Die-case zinc rings, knobs, and pulls feature a Burnished Brass finish. Modernized Hepplewhite knobs come in a variety of shapes, while leather inserts add life to other pieces. Some knobs even have reeding around the edges.
Wood & Finish
Quartered white oak veneers feature wire brushing and a powder glaze beneath the Arabica finish to create a cerused effect. Spattering and cowtailing also highlight the veneers, giving pieces a one-of-a-kind feel. Burnished Brass metal and Vienna Walnut bonded leather complete the collection's unique material mix.


Burnished Brass Metal

Vienna Walnut Bonded Leather

Neutral tones are the perfect complement for Clarendon's exclucive finishes, pairing well with the collection's Burnished Brass hardware, Arabica wood finish, and Vienna Walnut bonded leather. Brown and beige fabrics will only add to the collection's singular look.