Truly fine furniture has always demanded painstaking attention to detail - and that's still true today. Bernhardt blends modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to carry on time-honored standards of fit, finish, hardware, and construction.

Veneers & Finishes

  • Veneer Characteristics
    Veneers have long been used in fine furniture making and are stronger and more durable than solid wood. They resist shrinking, swelling, warping, and cracking due to humidity and other environmental changes.
  • Veneer Selection
    Premier woods are hand-selected and matched in color and wood grain to give a consistent look to each piece while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood grain. Unusual veneers and "fancy face" patterns are often used to add decorative detail.
  • Finish Steps
    An extensive, multi-step finish process gives each piece of furniture depth, accentuating the wood grain pattern and producing a range of finish looks from a high sheen to a natural "aged" appearance.

Cabinetry Details

  • Mortise & Tenon
    Traditional mortise and tenon construction is used to securely fasten pieces of wood, creating a stronger joint for lasting stability.
  • Door & Drawer Fit
    Doors and drawers are constructed with a precise, tight fit to prevent gaps and sagging, enhancing their appearance and structural strength.


  • Table Locks & Guides
    Hidden metal locks are used to reduce gaps on tables with leaves, giving the table a clean, smooth appearance and ensuring durability over time. Premium quality table glides are used to secure the piece, reducing warping and sagging and resulting in a sturdy table frame.
  • Corner Blocks
    Table legs are constructed with strong corner blocks glued and screwed with lag bolts, increasing the overall strength and rigidity of each leg.

Drawer Construction

  • Materials & Finish
    All wood sides and backs with veneer bottoms are used to create a durable drawer that is less likely to warp over time and humidity changes and to produce a smoother, more consistent drawer function. Each drawer bottom is stained and sealed, creating a smooth interior that is less likely to snap or damage clothes.
  • Stop Blocks
    Wooden blocks are nailed and glued behind each drawer to ensure that the drawer stops solidly and in the proper position when closed.
  • Dovetails
    English dovetail construction is featured in the front and back of each drawer (French dovetail is incorporated where design indicates) to deliver a durable drawer box that will remain solid over time.
  • Drawer Stops
    Wooden stop pins are provided for each drawer with a silver tray to prevent the drawer from falling out of the case when pulled open.
  • Drawer Box
    A full-size drawer box is used to offer increased drawer volume and maximum storage capacity. Full-size wooden guides are also used to support more cubic feet of storage.
  • Silver Trays
    A silver tray with a tarnish-resistant cloth cover is custom fitted into a drawer in select dining room pieces to provide a protective, convenient space to store silverware.
  • Drawer Branding
    Since 1889, the Bernhardt logo has been a symbol of quality and value, and is displayed on each piece of furniture in a solid, cast metal plate.


  • Materials
    Heavy duty solid metals are used to create hardware that adds beauty and durability while reducing rattling, rusting, and breakage.
  • Custom Design & Finish
    Each collection has its own signature hardware that is custom-designed and finished using a multi-step process, adding distinction and a rich appearance to each piece.
  • Techniques
    A range of methods such as the ancient Egyptian lost wax casting, die-casting or sand casing are used to create hardware with unique shapes, subtle markings and jewel-like details.


  • Materials
    A variety of authentic, high-quality materials sourced from around the world are used to enhance the story behind each collection and create a unique design statement.
  • Style
    Each collection features dramatic design elements that express the story of the collection and allow consumers to reflect their own individual style.
  • Design Teams
    Recipients of the American Society of Furniture Designer's prestigious Pinnacle Awards, Bernhardt's design teams are among the best in the industry, creating dramatic collections for today's homes and lifestyles.
  • 5-year Warranty
    Bernhardt stands behind its fine wood furniture by backing it with a 5-year warranty to give consumers a feeling of confidence.


  • Frame Materials
    Bernhardt frames utilize engineered, multi-ply hardwood plywood as well as some 4/4" and 5/4" hardwoods. (Certain frames may also incorporate formed plywood in order to achieve certain frame contours.) All exposed wood frames employ 5/4" mixed hardwoods.
  • Sturdy Construction
    Bernhardt's artisans assemble upholstery frames using methods that ensure superior quality, such as sturdy mortise and tenon joints. Because corners are pressure points that must withstand stress and wear, Bernhardt craftsmen securely fasten corner blocks and braces to provide additional support and strength. Finally, they pre-test every frame for strength and durability.